Enhance your process and quality control in steel production

PANalytical – Enhance your process and quality control in steel production

In steel production, elemental analysis is essential for production monitoring and quality assurance. Because of the strict processes characterizing this industry, rapid and accurate elemental analysis and immediate response to processes are considered two of the most important requirements driving operational excellence and process efficiency.

Achieving faster analysis with X-ray fluorescence for an optimized process control

Latest developments in X-ray fluorescence – the leading technique for elemental analysis – have resulted in a new analytical approach that delivers up to 44% reduction of the analysis time of production samples. Impressive time savings of this caliber ultimately play a major role in rapid turnovers and faster return of investments and allow reaching even higher revenues.

Assuring the highest quality of finished products with in situ material characterization

When it comes to quality control, it is crucial to ensure supreme material characterization of the finished products in order to assure that the most stringent product specifications are met. X-ray fluorescence and small spot mapping analysis can provide a practical and accurate tool for material characterization, offering several advantages over other techniques such as scanning electron microscopy (SEM) or transmission electron microscopy (TEM), commonly used to investigate defects.

Benefits of small spot mapping XRF

  • Easy or no sample preparation
  • Practical elemental distribution mapping capabilities
  • Immediate availability to perform trouble shooting analysis at process control
  • Less dependence from R&D central laboratories
  • Shorter feedback loops to production.
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