Free Webinar on mineralogical analysis for green and efficient cement production – 17th November 2016

Green production of cement is trending, but it comes with its challenges. From a chemistry point of view alternative fuels render stoichiometry in the kiln invalid and when producing blended cements many supplementary cementitious materials have a rather complex chemical composition. These are just two examples that can make process control and quality assurance of environmentally friendly cement production demanding.

Full mineralogical analysis with X-ray diffraction (XRD) helps to draw the right conclusions about the process without any simplified assumptions. X-ray diffraction is an easy-to-use technology, which is not user-dependent.

PANalytical now introduces the first benchtop X-ray diffractometer that is fully automatable and is from the ground up designed for ease of use. In this webinar, we will illustrate the benefits of PANalytical’s benchtop XRD instrument and show how it can address the needs when producing cement in an environmentally friendly way. The webinar targets industrial as well as academic XRD users from the cement and related industries.

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Meet Aeris: The best benchtop XRD system in the world

  • The most intuitive X-ray diffractometer
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    The first benchtop that is fully automatable
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