Solving structure from powder data: Tutorial and best practice

Thursday 9 February 2017

The webinar will show how to solve a crystal structure from powder data using the Empyrean diffractometer and the HighScore software suite. We will discuss the requirements for solving a crystal structure from powder data and we will show recent examples of some vanadates among which a new larnite/belite structure. Furthermore, as phase transitions may appear as function of temperature, the best practice for high-temperature measurements will be presented.

The webinar targets researchers interested to learn how to solve a structure from powder X–ray data and in particular using PANalytical’s HighScore suite.Sign up today for this exciting free webinar!

This webinar will include a live question and answer session for our attendees.

Webinar details:

Time: 10.00 am New York or 4.00 pm CET, the Netherlands

Duration: 1 hour

Panelist:  Gwilherm Nenert – Product Marketing XRD



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