Full Spectrum Analysis for Geological Exploration and Mining Using the ASD TerraSpec Halo

Join us on this webinar, presented by ASD expert Michaela Kastanek, to learn best practices with the ASD TerraSpec Halo Mineral Identifier. We will discuss features, best practices, and tips & tricks of how to most efficiently use this portable full spectrum (350-2500 nm) VNIR spectrometer to achieve quality mineral analysis results. Bring your questions and receive the answers you need at the conclusion of the presentation.


January 23 2020 – January 23 2020
18:30 – 17:30 Arabian Standard Time
Event type:
Webinar – Live


Michaela Kastanek is an ASD Chemometrics Specialist on the SummitCAL Solutions Team. She holds a B.S. degree in Biology from Colorado State University. She has been with ASD going on 10 years and has worked on varied research projects involving pulp and paper, mining, art preservation, biomass characterization in feed crops, oyster health characterization, and many more! Michaela is the principle trainer for the ASD TerraSpec Halo instrument as well as ASD’s instrumentation and chemometrics classes, which she has traveled around the world teaching fundamentals on.

More information

  • Who should attend?
    – Anyone that has or is interested in this full-range spectrometer the ASD TerraSpec Halo Mineral Identifier
  • What will you learn?
    – Overview of the ASD TerraSpec Halo’s most common features
    – Review of Halo Manager – creating projects and locations
    – Features of the TerraSpec Halo and Halo Manager not typically discussed in Halo Training
    – Maintenance best practices
    – Tips and tricks of the instrument – your most technical questions answered
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