New Steel CRMs – High N, Precipitation Hardening and Austenitic

Our partner  ARMI | MBH we has been busy looking through data and certifying new material and are  proud to announce the release of 5 new Stainless Steel CRMs this month.  (click on the links in the names of each part to see the certificates of analysis.)


Our new steel standards in the MBH portfolio, include 2 high nitrogen steels, a precipitation hardening steel and two stainless steels.

Our new high nitrogen steels are; MBH-13X NSC2 Q and MBH-13X NSC7 BBoth have Cr around 22%, and Mo<0.5% NSC2 Q has N=0.299% and C=0.574%, while NSC7B contains N= 0.429% and C=0.397%. These two steels will compliment the other steels in this series to  provide good calibration ranges for more than 12 certified elements.

Our two new stainless pieces are a new 316 stainless steel; MBH-13X 12854 M .This  austenitic stainless is typical of the grade,  with Ni=11.38%, C=0.08%, N=0.0097%, and certified for 16 additional elements, including Si, S, P, Mn, Cr, Mo, Cu, Co, W, Nb, Ta, Ti, Zr, Sb, Bi and B. The second stainless is MBH-13X 14211 R. This is a traditional wrought stainless steel with Si=1.73%, Ni=12.64%, Cr=24.78 and C=0.047%. It is also certified for 12 additional elements, including S, P, Mn, Mo, Cu, Co, V, Nb, Ta, W, Ti and Al.

Last, but not least, BH-13X PH4 P is a new precipitation hardening steel. This hardened steel contains Cu=5.5%, Cr=15.5%, Ni=4.07%, and is also certified for 13 other elements, including Al, B, C, Co, Mn, Mo, N, Nb,P, S, Si, Ti and V.

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