Metal Processing Optical Emission Spectrometry (OES)

In Metal Industry, checks during all the production processes are extremely necessary, starting from raw material control and primary material fusion, up to quality verification before shipping the final product.

During all manufacturing phases, forming, molding, die-casting, extrusion, mechanical manufacturing, it is necessary evaluate different chemical-physical parameters in order to give the essential information for production cycle.

Our partner GNR offers advanced solutions to perform different and wide analytical tasks in the metal industry. 

For Metal Processing Optical Emission Spectrometry (OES) using Arc/Spark excitation is the traditional reference technique for fast and accurate  elemental analysis of solid metallic samples.

It is a well proven technology nowadays used in all the metal  industry  sector from production control to R&D, from incoming material inspection to scrap sorting.

GNR offers PMT-based or CMOS-based spectrometers, Bench Top, Floor Stand and Portable systems to provide high uptime and stable performance for enhanced productivity.

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