August 2020 – New Tool Steel, Cu and Al Alloy CRMs

Our partners ARMI | MBH team has continued their work to develop new products to ensure that we can provide the products you need for your analytical testing.. I am proud to announce the release of 5 new CRMs across a variety of base alloys for our industrials portfolio. included in this are two tool steels, two copper based alloys, and one aluminum alloy. If you want to learn more about any one of products listed you can simply click on the links to view the certificate of analysis.

ARMI is well known for its wide variety of non-ferrous alloys. This week we are proud to continue this tradition with the release of two copper based alloys, a Monel 450 and a CDA 647.

The Monel 450 ( IARM-Cu715-20) copper-nickel alloy is known for its superior corrosion resistance, especially in seawater. Typical uses for this alloy include seawater condenser, saltwater piping and other distiller/condenser parts which benefit from the corrosion resistance inherent in this alloy. Our CRM is certified for 12 elements, including Cu, Fe, Mn, Ni and P, which all fall within range for the typical composition. Informational values are also included for an additional 19 elements.

Silicon Bronze, modified CDA647 (IARM-Cu647-18) is the second new copper alloy which is a new alloy type for our portfolio. This type of alloy is typically used for applications such as brazing or welding rods, as well as welding electrodes and also for fasteners. It has moderate strength and is good for corrosion resistance. Our CRM is certified for Ni, Si, Al, Fe, Mg, Mn, Zn and Zr. Informational values for an additional 22 trace elements plus Cu, are also listed.

Our new tool steels include AISI S-7 and M-2 grades. The S-7, (IARM-FES7-18) is typical of the grade, which is known for good resistance to high impact and shock loading. Our S7 grade is certified for 22 elements, including those used for the composition definition, C, Mn, Si, Cr and Mo. In addition to the 22 certified elements, reference values are provided for an additional 9 elements, making this CRM easily adaptable for many different steel analysis applications.


The M2 grade, (IARM-FeM2-18) is a high speed tool steel. This W-Mo high speed steel grade has a relatively high C content, and good wear resistance. The new CRM for ARMI | MBH is perfectly in range for all elements in the compositional definition. The certified values include the grade definition elements of C, Mn, Si, W, Mo, Cr, V, Ni and S and also include certified values for an additional 11 elements, plus reference values for 12 more trace elements.

Our final new CRM is an Aluminum alloy for our MBH product portfolio is MBH-55X G04H8 K. This Al foundry casting alloy is an AA A319.0 type alloy, which generally has good casting and machining capabilities. Our CRM has certified values for 16 elements, including Cu=3.56%; Si=5.48%, Zn=1.07% and Fe=0.58%.

All of these new materials are available as either disks for OES/XRF analysis, or as chipped material for ease of digestion for analysis using ICP. You can measure the difference with ARMI | MBH CRMs!

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Written by: Kim Halkiotis – ARMI MBH (


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