Many of us who work in the scientific and technical side of the Malvern Panalytical business, have higher level scientific qualifications such as PhD. Even though some of us may have studied in the previous century, it’s hard to forget the struggle to get good data for a paper, or to try again to get that extra data point that would make our PhD story just that little bit better.

We feel huge respect for those of you out there who are jumping through all of these hoops at the same time as having to contend with the uncertainties of COVID. Maybe you’re not able to turn up at the lab at any time, but instead you must book a place and prepare for a visit with forms and tests. Or simply stay at home and grapple with a sense of remoteness or a frustration about a lack of good resources.

We can’t solve everything, but we’ve organized two activities specifically to help university researchers and students.

A new way to get your questions answered

The first one is the Ask an Expert! series of webinars. They are spread out across the year. You can find the program here. We have tried to schedule something for everyone. At these webinars (live or recorded) you can find out more about a particular technology that our instruments provide. The sessions are purely about the method, how to understand it, make it work for you, and how to analyze the data. If the webinar is in the future, you still have the opportunity to submit questions. Our speakers will prepare some answers for you. If the webinar is in the past, you can watch the recording and find out what other people have asked, and hear our expert’s answers.

Free XRD software licenses for academics

The second activity is an offer of a free software license which is valid for 1 year (from the date you start to use it). This offer is for X-ray diffraction (XRD) users and applies to our XRD analysis software packages HighScore Plus and AMASS. We know that it takes time to perform an analysis of data. Both Rietveld fitting or High-resolution simulation and fitting can be tricky, and you need time to think about your data and try a few strategies for interpreting it. So, in these challenging times, we’d like you to have your own personal copy and access it on your own PC. If you are a researcher or team leader, please apply for free licenses here. You need to use your official university or research institute email address. If you are a student, please ask your supervisor to apply on your behalf. They can apply for up to 3 licenses for each type of software.

If you’re particularly proud of something you’ve achieved with the software, contact us! We’d be happy to feature your results on our hot news on the research page on our website.

Continuing research is so important for the future. We salute you!


Written by: Patricia Kidd, Posted by: Malvern Panalytica (