Being experts all along the analytical chain for X-ray fluorescence (XRF), we know that the success of XRF analysis depends on the quality of the calibration standards used.

We also know that finding high-quality standards covering the required analytical range is not only challenging but also expensive. Therefore, we developed WROXI CRM kits designed to be used as primary fusion glass disks calibration or to develop secondary pressed powder calibrations.

How does it work?

  1. When ordering the WROXI – CRM cement kit, you will receive:
  • 24 certified reference materials traceable to ISO and NIST for the analysis of a variety of cements and the raw materials used in its manufacture (including limestone, clay/ shale, gypsum clinker, raw meal fly ash, slags and iron ore). Each CRM has its certificate and SDS.
  • XRF templates for WD and ED XRF spectrometers ​as well as instrument concentration files
  • Drift monitors
  • Methods and fusion recipes for all Malvern Panalytical fusion instruments
  • Borate flux and additives
  • Complete instructions for use

2. Once you receive the WROXI – CRM, you can prepare the glass disks with the defined fusion methods, fusion programs, and detailed instructions.

3. XRF templates from UBS sticks are saved in XRF and the glass disks are analyzed. Anyone familiar with our spectrometer software can easily complete the setup. Otherwise, contact our application experts.

4. Calibration is ready for unknown samples.

Average time to prepare calibration curves with WROXI CRMs for cement: 1 day!


Why are WROXI CRMs so cost-effective?

Our WROXI – CRMs cement kit is not only a set of standards. It is also a complete calibration solution allowing the user to eliminate long and costly tasks related to XRF calibration.

Our WROXI CRM eliminates the following tasks:

  • Time spent to shop and identify suitable CRMs.
  • Fusion method development efforts and time, including working on the fusion program, finding the adequate borate flux and identifying the sample-to-flux ratio.
  • XRF template and calibration work.

Because all the elements are covered in 24 standards (compared to 35 or sometimes over 50 when using natural CRMs) the time to prepare the standards by fusion decreases significantly.

Without WROXI, the cost of application development is high, considering it can take months, compared to only 1 day with the WROXI solution.

Our WROXI CRM kit does not totally fulfill your need? This is not a problem

Our specialized team of CRM manufacturing experts can prepare customized synthetic CRMs for you.

45 possible additional elements!

For additional information on our WROXI products, have a look at our previous blog post, in which the XRF expert Mark Ingham describes the history of WROXI reference materials and the benefits stemming from the new ISO 17034 accreditation.


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