Prevention & Optimism

Under the patronage of H.E. Ali Zayed
Second Deputy of the House of Representatives
Prevention & Optimism

ProLab Systems makes an initiative on this campaign as a small contribution to the national campaign to combat the spread of the Coronavirus (Covid-19). The safety of the citizens and residents of the beloved Kingdom of Bahrain is a national social responsibility for all. We are all Bahrainis fight against the Coronavirus and support the principle of community effort.

To support the awareness of prevention, the campaign will deploy sanitation stands in various parts the Southern Governorate 4 – Bahrain.  The sanitation stands will have awareness messages in English, Arabic and Indian language.  The stations will have mask, gloves and sanitizers.

The campaign will bring awareness to various focal points in Prevention and Optimism and methods on how it will be deployed, below are some points.

Placement of sanitation stands In Various parts of Southern Governorate 4 – Bahrain
lectures on various social media platform
Social Media Awareness Campaign

the awareness is to pass the ongoing message of how to reduce the spread of the coronavirus and giving optimism and positivity for citizens and residents through online remote lectures and distribute the sanitizer station in various places of the Southern Governorate 4 – Bahrain.

The awareness will be covered in Arabic, English and Hindi.

Sanitation Stands Location in Southern Governorate 4 -Bahrain

To view the images of the sanitation stands and there location Please Click on the following places:

Lets Fight Corona Together By

Wash your hands always
Wear your Mask always when outside
Maintain Social Distancing of 6 feet always

Stay Healthy and Positive always
Call 444 if you experience any symptoms

Latest Updates

Times of Bahrain one of the top news media has covered the launch of the “Prevention & Optimism” Campaign. To view the article please CLICK HERE

Catch a glimpse of the launch of the “Prevention & Optimism” campaign an initiative of ProLab Systems.The campaign was launched on 16 May 2020 at Ramez Hypermarket Riffa. To view the video please CLICK HERE

ProLab Systems is proud to announce the launch of its campaign “Prevention & Optimism”The launch event was held this Saturday 16 May 2020 – 9:00 PM at Ramez Hypermarket Riffa. The event was covered Bahrain TV and other media outlets. To know more about the campaign please view the video by CLICKING HERE

Sanitization stands were launched for the community campaign “Prevention and Optimism” , and as part of the campaign, billboards were placed in various areas to spread awareness about the national efforts to combat the Coronavirus (Covid 19). To View the billboard CLICK HERE

An Awareness Lecture related to Corona Virus (Covid 19) will be presented by Mr. Jamal Saleh – Health and Safety Consultant and Trainer on 8 May 2020 – Friday at 9:00 PM On Following Instagram Channels: bahnews prolabsystems, alzayed2010 and alsaleh12

H.E Mr. Ali Ahmed Zayed
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Mr. Zaid Al Mosheky
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Mr. Jamal Saleh
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ProLab Systems would like to thank following people that have contributed their effort in this campaign

  • Mr. Salah Bushehri – CEO (Chandal Group)
  • Mr. Raheel Saeed – Managing Director (Oxus Creative Agency)

Let us be United and Fight Together

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