The new particle size / particle shape analyzer CAMSIZER M1 is designed for precise characterization of powders and suspensions down to the low micron range by static image analysis. The CAMSIZER M1 offers great flexibility for the measurement of a wide variety of sample materials. The fully automated analysis technique ensures objective and user-independent evaluation, making the CAMSIZER M1 an ideal tool for applications in R&D but also for routine analyses.

The CAMSIZER M1 particle size / particle shape analyzer features a powerful illumination unit, a highly precise sample stage and five objectives with magnifications from 2.5 x to 50 x. Thanks to the wide traversing range of the sample stage, an area corresponding to up to eight standard object slides can be evaluated. The CAMSIZER M1 uses an 18.1 Megapixel color camera for image acquisition which guarantees rapid and accurate particle analysis over the entire measuring range.

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