CEMOXI – For composition analysis of cement and raw materials


The success of any application is dependent on the quality of the calibration standards used. Finding high quality standards in the required analytical range is not only challenging but in most cases also expensive. Synthetic standards are a powerful option, yet the development of these requires dedicated expertise and skills.

For this reason, Malvern Panalytical has developed CEMOXI, a calibration module designed specifically for analysis of cement and raw materials. They are delivered together with an application setup template for the Zetium spectrometer. The standards enable calibrations for thirteen major elements in the analysis of oxide materials based on fused beads. The CEMOXI standards set is suited for a wide variety of cement materials and the raw materials used in its manufacture, including: limestones iron ore, clay/shales and gypsum.

Primary and/or validation calibration 

CEMOXI can be used either as a primary fused bead calibration or to verify in-house standards for pressed powder applications (using fusion). While CRM’s typically have limited availability and are expensive, synthetic standards such as CEMOXI offer concentrations and analytical ranges that are tailored while remaining cost effective. The CEMOXI standards have been validated using 25 CRM’s and show excellent agreement.

• Full traceability

• Flexible sample preparation options

• Adaptable to include additional material of specific interest

• Cost effective solutions

Which materials can be analyzed?

• Portland cement

• High alumina cement

• Raw meal

• Limestones

• Dolomitic limestones

• Gypsum

• Clay/shales

• Fly ash

Why Fusion?

The standards are fused to remove mineralogical and particle size effects. Fused samples are ‘perfect’ samples, and in combination with the Fundamental Parameters (FP) matrix correction model enable very wide concentration ranges in a single calibration. Fusion is ideal for accurate analysis of light element as these are typically most affected by particle size and mineralogical effects.

The CEMOXI calibration module is comprised of 9 multi element synthetic cement standards, including pure gypsum, supplied as powders. The standards are to be prepared as fused beads, using recipes provided and pre-programmed on your Malvern Panalytical fusion system or using one’s own fusion program. Standards are made from pure chemicals, are pre-conditioned, weighed, ground and ignited at 1050 °C before packaging. They are supplied as 10g powders packaged under nitrogen in plastic bottles.

The CEMOXI module comprises of:

• 9 multi element synthetic cement standards and a drift monitor sample

• Detailed instructions on the use and handling of the CEMOXI standards

• Calibration templates for SuperQ

• Suitcase for safe storage

The included compounds and analytical ranges are shown below:

The CEMOXI module and setup samples are designed to be used in combination with Malvern Panalytical WD XRF instruments like Zetium. Certain hardware requirements apply. The module can be delivered with new systems but can also be deployed on existing instruments running SuperQ software

Need to replenish your CEMOXI standards? A replenishment set is available, containing only the calibration standards.

Are your elemental and concentration ranges are not fully covered by CEMOXI? Possibly our WROXI module can suit your needs. Alternatively, we can easily extend CEMOXI for you or provide synthetic standards fully tailored to your materials and analytical requirements. Refer to the XRF Calibration Sample Service under the Services section on our website for more details.