Epsilon 4 Oils & fuels

Save up to €190,000 in oils and fuels production
Epsilon 4 can be used to save up to a 190,000 Euros in the production of oils and fuels. Compliant, repeatable and accurate elemental analysis is a given but additional value is generated in several parts in your refining operation:
• the elemental analysis of crude oil to optimize and adapt refinery processes
• the determination of low levels of chlorine for optimal desalting and corrosion control
• the determination of low levels of S, Ni, V, Ca and Fe to prolong your catalysts’ life and improve their performance
• and the analysis of the sulfur content during fuel production and blending

Analyses performed by Epsilon 4 comply with international test methods and regulations, like TIER 3, ISO 13032, ISO 20847, ISO 8754, ASTM D4294, ASTM D4929, JIS K2541-4, IP 336 and IP 496.

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