Omnian – for standardless elemental analysis of a wide range of materials


Omnian for standardless elemental analysis of a wide range of materials

When faced with fully unknown samples, or in cases where calibration standards or reference materials are not easily accessible or available at all, standardless XRF analysis is a valuable solution. Omnian enables users to achieve the best possible analysis when dedicated XRF methods or certified standards do not exist. Available for Zetium, Axios or MagiX and the Epsilon benchtop range spectrometers, Omnian delivers fast and reliable results regardless of sample type or matrix.

Omnian covers all elements from F to U. Quantitative results can be obtained for a wide variety of sample types like pressed powders, fused beads, loose powders and liquids. In addition to elemental analysis of routine samples, Omnian allows easy and quick analysis of “one-of” samples, screening and failure analysis.

For a quick assessment, Omnian generates reliable results in as little as 2 minutes using the Fast Scan mode on WD XRF systems. This is made possible through combining the time saving strategy of specific elemental peak measurement while using accurate background calculations which can only be generated by a scan strategy. The scan based program can be augmented with specific channels if higher precision for minor and trace elemental analysis is required.

The Omnian module is a combination of software and setup samples. The setup samples are carefully designed to allow analysis of even the most challenging of matrices. Made from pure starting materials the setup samples are used to fine-tune Omnian software to the spectrometer subtleties while incorporating spectral elements features that overcome the limitations of other semi-quantitative strategies.

The Omnian module comprises of:

• Suite of setup samples and a drift monitor sample

• Documentation with concentration, usage and handling info of the setup samples

• Suitcase for safe storage

The Omnian module and setup samples are designed to be used in combination with Malvern Panalytical instruments including Zetium, Axios or MagiX and the Epsilon benchtop range. Certain hardware requirements apply.The module can be delivered pre-calibrated with new systems but can also be deployed on existing instruments running SuperQ software. The Omnian setup samples are also available separately.