Automatic data acquisition
PM Analytics enables the automatic collection of analysis data from a variety of analysis devices via network connections (SMB, TCP, FTP). Pre-configured interfaces are available for the most frequently used analysis devices. Interfaces that are not yet available can easily be added and adapted to the customer’s requirements.

Clear representation
The analysis results are presented in tabular form. Numerous functions are available to select or sort the data by analysis values, analysis device and time interval. The order and selection of the displayed chemical elements or other measured values can also be easily changed according to the operator’s wishes.
The analysis results can be displayed graphically in different ways like, e.g., with the help of a time series diagram. In addition, simple statistical evaluations of the analysis data are possible by calculating the mean value and standard deviation and displaying the value distribution by means of a boxplot diagram.

Processing of analysis data
Provided the necessary rights are available, the operator can also edit data. All data changes are logged, so that the change history of all individual values can be tracked at any time. In a special audit module, all changes to analysis results and system settings are recorded centrally and can be tracked based on user data and change times.

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