In addition to creating the “perfect samples” for XRF, sample preparation by fusion has another great advantage when it comes to obtaining reference materials for your analytical needs. Fusion allows for creation of “synthetic standards”. This approach is based on blending pure chemicals in the desired ratios to generate fully tailored suites of XRF calibration standards. The approach is also used to produce calibration packages like WROXI and CEMOXI. This method is highly valuable in situations where no CRMs are available to cover the required elemental concentration range, or when additional standards are needed in specific ranges to augment the analysis accuracy for specific materials.

Synthetic standards offer a highly flexible and powerful XRF analysis approach, are used throughout various application fields and are used in norms and methods issued by leading standardization institutes worldwide. Still, the development of these standards requires dedicated expertise and skills. For example, homogeneity, long-term stability and ease of fusion of the synthetic mixtures are critical parameters, to mention a few. Malvern Panalytical has many years of experience in developing and producing calibration modules like WROXI and CEMOXI, as well as bespoke suites of synthetic calibration standards. The excellent accuracy [link to WROXI section in this document] of modules like WROXI and CEMOXI when benchmarked using CRMs demonstrates the power of the approach as well as the quality our standards.

Taking your analytical requirements as starting point, Malvern Panalytical can provide synthetic calibration materials covering your material’s elemental concentration in a cost-effective way, resulting in excellent analytical accuracy and flexibility.