Haitham Karim
Service Manager

“At ProLab System we are committed to provide total solution to our customers. Our solution process starts with carefully selecting the right system configuration to meet the customer’s application needs and requirements. Thereafter we provide the customer after sales support with a continuous high level support throughout the instrument lifetime. In a short time we were able to establish our brand name as one of the best companies in service support for laboratory in Saudi market. The effort and time that we have invested to support our customers in a large country as Saudi was rewarded in having our customers instrument running to the highest performance and the appreciation and the recognition from our customers is what keeps us motivated to be first class support. Most important we support our customer in setting up their application in order to utilize the system to its maximum performance, that will enable our customer to focus on the process and quality of their work.”

We are continuously striving to improve our support to our customers and to maintain the healthy relation with them.

If you have any suggestion or request, I will be glad to hear it from you.

Our service policy is based on our believe that