Julio Lobo
Application Manager

“Since 2010 ProLab Systems has been focused on bringing quality and technical knowledge to our customers in the Gulf. The value of an analyzer system is not in the system itself but in that critical measurement point that will be used to change a process, approve the release of a production batch, or downgrade millions worth of product into scrap. As Application Manager my goal is to make sure all key elements are in place to give our customers the right solution; be it selecting the correct equipment with the right configuration, keeping proper calibration and maintenance of the equipment, developing tailored applications, and training lab and online process personnel to make the best use of their equipment.”

ProLab Systems provides solutions for the chemical (which and how much of certain elements) and structural (in what molecular structure) analysis of a wide variety of materials. Our customers can be found in virtually all markets including building materials, metals, mining, food, pharma, cosmetics, polymers, oils, plastics, thin film metrology, nanomaterials and many more in industries and research. For all our customers we want to be a total solution supplier, not limited to the supply of our produced instruments but also of peripherals to run the instruments and also the expertise to get the best out of the customers’ investment.

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In order to guarantee a constant, high-quality cement, control of the production at every stage is of the utmost importance, from the production of raw meal, the preparation of kiln feed and the production of clinker right through to the final mixing of the end product. At every stage the process control is driven by the analysis of chemical and mineralogical analysis. The latest demands on CO2 emission drive the use of alternative fuels and the production of blended cements. Here, chemical and mineralogical analyses of the intermediate and final products as well as fuels become even more important. This requires reliable and rugged solutions in order to steer the process in the most cost-effective way for the highest quality cement or concrete. ProLab Systems offers solutions that meet these demands and seamlessly integrate into the production process.

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Driving operational excellence at the same time as ensuring compliance with industry norms and regulations challenges your team every day. XRF and XRD are key techniques in the petrochemical refinery chain, from exploration and crude oil production to chemicals, oils and fuels and catalysts. We can provide you with robust solutions to optimize your production and support compliance.


The food and beverage industry is developing rapidly, as are the needs of manufacturers alongside. Government food inspection agencies continue to monitor food sources while tightening regulations. Many manufacturers are moving to continuous production processes and have begun to enforce source, authenticity and related safety testing programs.


Process control and quality control in the metal industry – whether it concerns primary metals or special products – are driven by rapid and accurate chemical analysis as well as by structural characterization of metals and alloys. This requires robust and reliable technology. We provide solutions that can satisfy these demands, streamline production and save time for high throughput environments such as iron and steel, aluminium, copper and titanium industries.


Nanomaterials comprise various types of nanoobjects, namely nanoparticles, nanorods or nanoplates. They may also refer to nanostructured materials, such as nanocomposites, nanoparticle dispersions, nanofilms, core-shell particles and mesoporous materials. Used to enhance the performance of products and technologies, nanomaterials are already found in a wide variety of consumer products, such as textiles, paints, sunscreens and other healthcare products. Intensive research is being done in the use of nanomaterials for energy storage and energy conversion, pharmaceuticals, life science applications, solar cells, catalysis, and composite materials, to name a few.

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We provide X-ray solutions for the complete polymer chain starting at virgin polymer over plastics to recycling. Recent developments in biopolymers and blends with petro-polymers, have increased the focus on REACH, RoHS 2 and on the analysis of toxic heavy metals and bromine. Find out why our X-ray fluorescence and X-ray diffraction solutions are essential tools for developments in polymers and plastics.

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Acquiring all information from a material is the key for any researcher. PANalytical offers non-destructive, cutting-edge characterization solutions for your precious samples, whether they are solids, fluids, thin films or nano-materials. Our solutions give you detailed information on elemental and/or phase composition, crystalline quality, and/or nanoparticle size distributions and shape, to name a few. Whether you investigate materials in an academic, a governmental or an industrial environment, PANalytical offers instruments designed for ease of use, with a fast learning curve, which give best-in-class results and come with extensive documentation and support materials.


Pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical development and manufacturing is becoming more complex and expensive. The need for more elaborate material characterization and tighter quality control requirements combined with tighter time constraints places considerable demands on analysis. ProLab Systems offers wide range of application starting from X-ray diffraction (XRD) and X-ray fluorescence spectrometry (XRF) to sample preparation units.